Our Story

Because every home deserves to be beautiful...

In this fast paced technology world, home is the place which brings us back to our real world. While many lifestyle luxuries have evolved into the 21st century (beauty, clothing, self-care), Home Decor is still left behind. We always meet people struggling with their home decor, some find it difficult to source the right product, some question on the theme and others believe it is an expensive affair. We at Renovar, want to change it. 

Renovar is a Spanish word meaning "to renew" , "to change", to "upgrade". 

We are a Home Decor Subscription company with a mission to make every home beautiful. We send curated decor and accessories in a box to your door steps to help you renew and upgrade the look of your home. Each box is worth $100 or more in retail value, but you spend as little as $44.99. Our designers put together theme based ensemble of latest and trendy products available across the globe. Now change the look of your home every season by subscribing to Renovar. No more making rounds to the decor stores or looking for bargains or hiring a home stylist, Renovar does it all. By rethinking Home Decor, we’re making Home Decor accessible and affordable for anyone and everyone. 

So, don't wait and give your home the gift of Renovar!