Student Scheduling Process for PTEC


1.     Students are expected to meet with the Career Development Advisor during a study hall, lunch period, academic intervention, or after school until 3:45.

2.     During this time you will cover graduation options and fill in the course plan for any classes for the next school year that is applicable.  

3.     Students then are responsible to share that information with their parent or guardian.  

4.     In August, students are only allowed to change their schedule during a specific period.  They will be notified at school. The time is short and they can only change their elective or CTE class.  After that, schedules are locked in for the school year.

5.     Requesting a schedule change does not mean it will be accepted.  The request may be denied if there is no room for the request in the student’s schedule or the class is needed as a graduation requirement, just for a few examples.

6.     If the student is requesting to go to PPCC (Pikes Peak Community College) there will be separate communication from the Career Development Advisor.

7.     The gentlemen students in the school must register at when they turn 18, or 3 months before they turn 18. This is for selective services. Please put Power Technical Early College as the school name. Students attending college will get a hold on their accounts until this is done.

8.     CTE (Career Technical Education) used to be called shop classes.

a.     In 8th and 9th-grade students will automatically be scheduled a CTE class to allow exposure to our all pathways.

b.     PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is the responsibility of the student to have every day.

c.     Please be sure to review the Student Career Pathways portion of our website:; Trades Program Tab. This will help you understand the pathways available during high school at PTEC.