Typical School Day for A PTEC Student –

To accommodate the trade courses, a school day at PTEC is longer than our other charter schools.  Students are in class by 7:30 a.m. and the last class ends at 3:15 p.m.  Students have one 90 minute block each day dedicated to learning the necessary prerequisite skills to enter trade classes later in high school.  Curriculum is designed to create connections between the trade courses and the academic classes answering the question, “When will I ever use this?”  Students will understand the purpose of education and will apply the knowledge immediately.

Work ethic and discipline are extremely important to being successful in today’s workforce. The student discipline code is stricter than traditional schools. Students will speak to peers, school staff, and members of the community with respect.  The use of “Mr.”, “Ms.”, “Sir”, and “Ma’am” is common language at PTEC.  Due to the dangerous nature of many of the trade courses, the code of discipline and expectations of student responsibility are greater than some traditional schools; however, these skills will serve the student well after graduation.

Boy with welded pumpkinA typical day in the life of a PTEC student at this vocational school is filled with success.  Students learn new skills each day and have the opportunity to frequently demonstrate these skills. Samples of work are displayed to honor the work students are doing and members of the business community will be invited to the school regularly to see the work students are doing and communicate the importance of the work to our future.  On special Mondays, students attend a professional development time that is designed to build their work ethic skills and advance their understanding of job opportunities. Guest speakers will be invited in to share a typical day in the life of the skilled trades and students are encouraged to attend field trips to see how skilled trades work each day.

Character and Life Skill Courses –

6th Grade: Study Skills, Peer Pressure, & Bullying
7th Grade: Goal Setting, Time Management, & Peer Relationships
8th Grade: Work Ethic & Health and Wellness
9th Grade: Character & Ethics / Speech Communication
10th Grade: Leadership & Citizenship
11th Grade: Business Management & Financial Ethics
12th Grade: Personal Finance (Dave Ramsey) & Entrepreneurialism

Career Pathways for PTEC Students –

Student Career Pathways