Character and Life Skills

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”

ϲʿ have been recognized nationally, statewide, and locally for academic excellence and achievement. The foundation of the schools’ success rests on character development and our five school pillars:

Honesty – Integrity – Respect – Responsibility – Excellence

Work ethic is most certainly a function of the five pillars listed above. Work ethic and these pillars are not only taught at PTEC; each are demonstrated and modeled daily by staff and guests. Students graduating from PTEC will have the character and work ethic to become the most valuable members of their chosen trade.

Required Character Courses

  • 6th Grade:  Study Skills, Peer Pressure & Bullying
  • 7th Grade:  Setting Goals, Time Management & Peer Relationships
  • 8th Grade:  Work Ethic & Health and Wellness
  • 9th Grade:  Character & Ethics / Speech Communication
  • 10th Grade:  Leadership & Citizenship
  • 11th Grade:  Business Management & Financial Ethics
  • 12th Grade:  Personal Finance (Dave Ramsey) & Entrepreneurialism
Teddy Roosevelt quote

CDE Student Wellness Grant Success Stories

As a result of the First Aid training, a high school student was inspired to seek employment at the YMCA. He competed for and earned a position as a Lifeguard and used part of his training to assist an adult who had chest pains last month. 

Another student, as a result of the First Aid training, is seeking training and employment as a EMT, and is choosing a path in public/emergency services.