Academic Expectations

James Irwin Charter High School is an academically focused school, based on the belief that all students will benefit from an academically rigorous program. James Irwin students must fulfill important academic requirements and take responsibility for their own learning.

  1. James Irwin students are required to be full-time students enrolled in six courses each semester. Students are expected to complete all homework assignments and turn them in on time. They must set aside and expect to spend at least two to three hours every night doing homework and studying their course work. Academics come before all jobs, socializing, sports or other extra-curricular activities.
  2. Students are expected to:
    • arrive at class with all necessary materials; textbooks, notebooks, paper, pens/pencils and completed homework
    • be seated and ready to work when the bell rings
    • be active participants in the learning process by listening carefully, taking thorough notes, contributing positively to class   discussions and being respectful of the ideas of others
    • be responsible for their own school work (plagiarism or copying another’s work is unacceptable)
  3. James Irwin Charter High School’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for college. Students understand, therefore, they will be expected to take the necessary college exams, including the ACT, SAT, and AP, and to pay all fees associated with these exams.
  4. When absent, students are expected to ascertain what was covered in class during their absence and complete missing assignments within the two days allowed for each day of an excused absence.
  5. Expected student performance and the nature and number of assignments are demanding at James Irwin. Students must complete academic requirements and take responsibility for their own learning. A student who has earned below 70% in a Math or Foreign Language class, or an “F” in another class at the end of a quarter, will be placed on Academic Probation. Teachers will inform parents, administration and the student’s advisor if an F is earned. A plan will be initiated by a parent/staff/student conference. At minimum, the student will be expected to make serious effort to improve his/her grade by seeking help from the appropriate teacher during Activity Period for six weeks or until the grade improves. Students must have earned a minimum of 70% in Math or Foreign Language by the end of the year in order to meet the prerequisite for the next level.
  6. The student is ultimately responsible for knowing the high school graduation requirements and for fulfilling those requirements. Courses and requirements are fully described in the school’s Course description booklet. Students may make schedule changes during the first three weeks of fall semester and the first two weeks of spring semester only. After those times, students may not change their schedules or withdraw from a class, and must remain in the class until the end of the semester.

To receive a James Irwin diploma, a student must, during grades 9-12, complete 48 approved, liberal arts credits to include the following courses.

→ English – 8 credits                                           → Foreign Language – 6 credits
→ History – 8 credits                                           → Art – 1 credit
→ Mathematics – 8 credits                                → Music – 1 credit
→ Science – 6 credits                                          → P.E. – 2 credits
→ Character & Ethics – 1 credit                        → Electives – 6 credits
→ Speech & Logic – 1 credit